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••.1.1. TIm' v:iM..|il!il..i (il.,'i. I., ||„- .■.l„i,.iiiiii.il NisiMTii at,' liaiisihllti',1 with the .splani-lii.

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■III ii.li r^cii, N .. :iii.| li.-iy^'iinl, W. II.: .Imir. I'.inl. rinin.. |!r|s. NXNJii, .■'.:'.;i, ll l."i :;:,-

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are particularly dangerous, and the latter is to be avoided by the most careful

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jiulso increases peree|)til)ly until a pressure of ahoul ."»() mm. is reachi'd.

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n .1} ccinie tiiron^ifh at the ])erii)hery and appear in the \cmis. This nni.v

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ilirad.x srrii I pajrc :!>«i). As to tlir possililr ililliirni f local rlialurrs

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ll.l.l. «h.'i|. s...tiiins may I.,, maili. Hiilidiit siTJoiisly .jistiirliin;; ill.'

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with certain affections of the spinal cord, with endarteritis obliterans

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(1897) found 5 men among 120 cases. The difference cannot be explained

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parison of its dissociation eurve. as plotted from the values found for

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!iel\es liad lieeii severed t>Mp mniitlis |)reviiiu>ly. Tile apin'a is. there-

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the severest cases, and the pains are much less pronounced. The puerperal

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.■I uti'is, are represented liy eertaiii cells of the lateral horn of pray tiiat-

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' • ry small foreijrii hoily or only trivial tumor formation is sunic-ieiit to

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!', lilunili.l in II,, lissii,s Ih, Itisih;^ Ini ilisiiih i/nil i„,i ,,f lissii, mhins.

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as foxes and some other wild-living camivora. It varies remarkably in

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these b about the heel; there may be no special tenderness on pressure, yet

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xliniiis III llii hiiiiiil, N'liw, 111 till' illlt'l r.iiTs lii'tWffil siiliil |ii|l'tii-li>s jiliil

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long after acute features have disappeared. In tne more chronic forms the

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tain toxic cfTect, hut in repealeil small doses w'tli interveiiiii',' intiTVal

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IS secondary iiroteose, produced liy complete satuiation w itii the above

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liiliinj: pnwer nf tin hlnnd alkali Inwards carlmnic acid itself at iiniriial

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observations, but by many animal experiments. In addition, the normal

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of the hlood. It liiis heeii ^tilted thiit the iiii-reiise in exeitiiliility of th.

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As to the thyroid, the part left in does not always hypertrophy. Many

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parts ; so that there was a deep foul-looking exca-

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vestigated with great care. According to Ebstein, Colombino, and Moscou,

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Albarran was able to follow 39 for a considerable period of time, and only 5

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change the clinical aspect. Pure bacteriuria may cause renal inflammation

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As for the treatment, I sincerely trust all differ-

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l.y .■.•rtaii, ..liM.rv.Ts tlinl, ,-,ri,.|- ,,....|„si„i, „r tli,- .•i.hviijil v.-ilis, tll.T.. i-

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is red, especially if the collar is too tight, or shows dilated veins under it.

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V. Some Observations on tlie Cure of Hydrocele of the

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The probability of thyroid tumor should be considered in all cases of bone

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sen lcv(-l. Tin- follow inn i-iirvc. wliicli is si-lf-cxpliiiiiitory, will illustiiil.

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right kidney and fourteen from the left six weeks later. According to

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