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Dr. Loope made a few remarks in regard to the social character of the

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regard as " erysipelatous " almost e^'ery form of spreading inflammation of

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cular sputa in spray. Whether there is much or little tubercular substance em-

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Contraindications— Glaucoma, tendency toward urinary retention, or

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Abdomen. — The peritoneum covering the intestines presented here and there

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not, however, as they advance, and pass into pustules, fill up so

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their p >int of decus.sation. I say this, because this

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to manipulate this metal, or exposed to the risk of its

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ful and stiffened joints, anjemia, Bright's, eczema' rheu-

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altogether or passing into a chronic form. A chronic disease lasts for an

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grown persons I have never given less than half a grain; to

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(2) Disease-resisting Capacity. — As regards the immigrant popula-

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possibility receives some support from the fact that inflammation of the

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The organism, in order to maintain its molecular composition, rejects the

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headache, disordered innervation of the vessels usually depends upon some

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fect information in regard to the disease, reminds him of the attempt of the

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prove that we can by repeated contractions by elec-

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the heading 'MYvitr Yerbale" (}>\). l.">2-;."7).

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the nose. It is frequently reconirnended in medical joor-

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that, in sending their representatives to the Conference, " they

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after Dalmane. Physiologic tracings on Dalmane nights 1-3 showed

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have no hesitation in saymg that ^°? P;/' , f^^i ;□ placing matters in.

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of the company speaks, and the deaf person can not only hear

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of rainy days fifty-two. Snow is seen occasionaUy^ but rapidly

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of the uterus favoring retroversion, excessive intra-

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ether. The presence of tannin in water renders iodine more soluble in

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numerandce sunt. Time will not permit me to give even an

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sufficient fluid has been removed, the surrounding skin should be pinched

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and one-half pounds, and containing eighteen gallons of

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viii, 454-456. . Pseudartbrose du ftmur et de I'hu-

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completely divided before the large incisions Avere made. That is to say,

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