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ready been accounted for) was discovered in the body. Whether the ligature
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ment of fractures of the skull, for the betten management
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resume that office by aeration, by contact with the red corpus-
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physiologic effects may be expected to do much for us, and experience
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usually much less, consisting commonly of one main branch and one lateral branch,
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channel of communication passes between the ca^'ity of the abscess and
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times seen in a meatus that had been the seat of follicular ab-
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changes. Blood-letting in all stages, save in 5ie latest,
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thorax enveloped in warm poultices, if the dyspnoea be severe. In
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Our author's views of Cannes may be considered pretty fully
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obliged, by failing health, to resign the situation wliich he
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lation. It IS characterized by slight fever, spasm of the larynx and pharj-nx,
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the proposed field of manipulation either by preliminary injections of
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freely of their time and money in the support of her institutions. It is
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Perozld of Hydrogen in Acute TTrethritie. L. Riieaume.
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emigrant brought ashore out of the pandemonium of the foul steerage;
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eminently unsatisfactory. The most important measures are rest, care-
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relating to the faradic current are unusually full, and as
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may be precipitated from its combination by the action of ammonium
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terms: — > December 2l8t, of disease of the heart, Dr.
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and Koch and Klebs and Loeffler have taken disease out of the
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ing the nature of the complaint was, that some large blood-
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He considers the liver to be the chief seat of disease, but whether this be the
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the ovary, and the futility of attempting to cure piles without first
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densed in the evening, when the thermometer has fiiilen 15°.
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summation tones, harmony, discord, and consonance. The facts and prin-
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different parts of the body are affected. Of the 27 cases, 16
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paper between his palms an' vitalize it, an' all you had
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ical colleges do we find the extent of their equipment
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engenders in patients the desire for secrecy, and often the treat-
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occur between this age and sixty, though some may begin even later ;
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These suggestions are only a few of many that could
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The Committee appointed by the President of this Society together with a
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