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injected individually. The simultaneous triple defense provided

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involuntarv tibeis either cut or stimulated. It' a chanire is obscrveii in

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trial or occupational disease or illness or any disease

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shown later, there are definite vascular anastomoses here and a char-

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accentuated culture recovered on dog serum from rabbit No. 1220 of

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gested as the possible cause of a peritonitis, when it is unassociated

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spontaneity of speech. There was no evidence of halluci-

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ill . , Is ))rodni-ed on body temperature bv section of the eervica!

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case of liver metastasis. The incidence of pulmonary

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W. J. Stewart. Columbia (1948); Nicholas S. Pickard. Kansas

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time conforms fully to all the requirements of hygienic science.

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In confirmation of the work of ^llermann and Bang, Hirschf eld and

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and Polk counties to the northeast corner of Polk County ; thence southerly along the

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of gynecology and obstetrics when he discussed at con-

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interim sessions shall be established by the Council and offi-

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A memorandum was then prepared, reading as follows :

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Texas cattle rose on the average from $4.20 to $4.45, and western

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t..lal am. .mil ..I' I'al aii.l ..tli.f .'..iislitiiciils c.iiliiiii.'.l in it. lli>t.'l.>i{i<'

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Farmers* Bulletin 183, revised. Care of Meat on the Farm : Butchering, Curing,


to extend the inspection and improve its efficiency. On two or three

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f oration de Pcesophage.** Btdl. et M6m. Soc. de chir. de Paris,

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undergone this examination are allowed to enter the slaughterhouse

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Kimes, Ira D Cameron Kurtzeborn, Edwin E St. Louis Lindeman, Carl H St. Louis

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^:i| Ih - lli. l,a. 'I'll.- r.-iiii.. ...n^i-tnu "I' -'•■*]•. i- w.H »;i'lii.| :ih.| tli.n li.-.-i(.l

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and until said person, firm, or corporation shall have complied with all of the provisions

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from tl.o natnn. and .lirrrtion of ti,.> .l.-viation vvhi.-h is pnulu...,! and

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Plasma has been used in these experiments not only because it was

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at the abattoir of Eastman & Co., May 12, 1891, and was confined

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tions which are supposed to contain the virus of poliomyelitis mean

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lum one and one-half inches wide in which similar small nodules occurred.

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,.,.ll,.Hs i„ tin- .'-ava , k. t vaii.s invis-lv uitl. tl,- ,-:it- of M Hl-W-

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ation Test in the Study of Rickettsial Diseases, Am. J. Pub.

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of January and December in each j-ear cattle originating in the modified quarantined ^

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^oiinii'iiiorial imairi's which present con m points of siniilarit.\ "' i Mol-


Territory or the District of Columbia as an interstate or foreign shipment, the person,

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