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three forms, endometrial, interstitial and mixed; (8)
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The lympli node affliction may here (juite certainly be con-
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alimentary matters contained in luxuriant grass or nourishing
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small piece of the exterior of the catheter had been expelled, and
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But what is reparation? It is neither health nor disease;
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during advance<l life the aortic segments are especially involved. I have,
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in the coagulation the fat was carried down almost completely by the precipitation,
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We are indebted to Dr. Horner for Ambulance and Anchylosis. Under
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for the comfort, convenience, and health of the pa-
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Locomotive, 12, against 11; Integumentative, 3, against 4: From
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lesion ; and generally occurs within a couple of days, sometimes in the
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were chosen. Two were inoculated intraperitoneally with 1 to 15 loops of the
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and condemnation. The controversy between its friends and
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The writer is indebted for much valuable help to Professor E.
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tills the reader can judge for himself. His ttxi is made still more
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large antiseptic dressing was applied over the abdomen, iodoform gauze having been packed
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an impossibility, because it is well known that there is no fixed age at which
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reversible oliguric renal failure. Several mechanisms ap-
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him with what then seemed to be an intestinal colic. His temperature
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month-old’ s heart stopped. Although he was revived, cir-
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power to produce an analgesia seems to be conclusively
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trated in the accompanying case report in which the
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nephritis, and one arteriosclerosis. Albumen was found
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Pain was complained of in the left inguinal region,
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Reaction ; Coley's Mixture ; Coagulose or covered with cambric and held in place by
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which a foreign body will usually appear as a black
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age, a white, grey, or yellow colour. In the centre they are
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involvement may appear. The course is usually progressive without any
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first in one of the feet, especially a joint of the great
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20. Salazar OM. Rubin P. McDonald JV, et al: Patterns of failure in intracranial

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