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only right to state that Dr. R. Quain and Dr. C. J. B. Wil-

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parts of chloride of calcium per one thousand. The nat-

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189.5, xvi. 1305. — Sjobring (X.) Ueber das I'oiniol als

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or vital functions. Without this knowledge, symptoms, which are

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whereas, if its use is postponed until the patient is very ill. and alcohol required

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ginia. — The Governor of Virginia, William E. Cameron,

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infectious, characterised by septicarmia, soretLroat with exuda-

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a fluid of its own and is not prevented from so doing by a pressure

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habits of living are conducive to its inflammation ? And what remedies from this

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when we proceed to consider the nature and origin of the elements

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2. Professor Hirst's " Obstetrics " is an old favourite with

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tiischeu Oigan von Kaja clavata und Raja radiata. Inhis:

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tinued so until the case was completed. I iiave more voluminous notes

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in departments, if impracticable for the whole university, it would be

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3. Term of Study. — Here also the law'is precise, and

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seen and heard of cases of illness clearly contagions or

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lowing: " The use of quinia and morphia is now much better understood

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2. Injuries of the base of the brain, or of the hearl , or of the (esophagus, or of the

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nervous pulp, covered by a very delicate membrane, and these

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consequence of neglect or bad treatment; and this might prove

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Association can take its position, and on which members

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ous losses of blood ; and in one of these instances the disease

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four or five times a day. A small dose should be given at first and this

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that the recognition of abscesses in the upper part of

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shows an unthrifty condition; the coat is staring and the

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individual parts of the alimentary canal. It might as well

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Physiologic studies on men undertaking to live at high altitude,

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tilla in this connection is in the treatment of the ordinary

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The word inflammation, is derived from inflamare —

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3. Abscess. — Local infection with pyogenic organisms. The abscess

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the autopsy results negatively and fails to give a cause

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made through the vaginal mucous membrane, at the upper circimiference of the vaginal

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to remove the fluid by secretion, may even irritate the kidneys to

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