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promptly condemned as unfit to remain in the jaws."

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commonly invaded, as its walls participate in the formation of the eth-

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supervised for six months. For multibacillary disease

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mathematical chart is shown as Fig. 6-4. The algorithm proceeds as follows. First, a

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biliosus et arthriticus was sought to be combated by

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half in very moist earth, was exhumed at the end of

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to do with it is equally certain. Habits, such as carrying weights

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latter, severe and extensive ulcerations are apt to ensue. If, by a

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zontal position, and in Fig. 5 we shall find that our

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beri is mainly paraplegic although hemiplegic and monoplegic types have been

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times, and that he had suffered from a stricture for

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artifical tooth of ivory or gold, attached by small gold threads, n, n, three

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corresponds to the lymphocyte of the circulating blood; and (2)

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rience, intractable and persistent facial neuralgia requir-

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A. Effect of Decompression on Stupor and Drowsiness. Four of

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have been given as were examined by myself." A careful

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and violent convulsive actions of the muscles of the body. Urine

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The great reason for dividing our food stuffs into their

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ing a little longer. Occasionally there was slight inflammation, but it

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with reference to their condition and behaviour in the living body, and how

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privilege to afi"ord the lying-in woman. The effort of

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Bramwell considered that the symptoms resulted from a lesion

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portion of the peritoneum involved. The bacteriology of the peritoneum

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position, so that in general discussion of obstetrical problems,

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sensation whatever. The anaestliosia was complete until twenty-

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the symptoms of prostration become more pronounced, you may

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