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between dog and man as regards peritonitis, it is that the dog's perito-

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4. Caseation of internal glands, from the frequency

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autopsy revealed a tumor the size of a hickory-nut in

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results than caustics, owing probably to a difference in the tissues. For

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will generally yield to the application of a few leeches over the

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longed periods. While it is admitted that the use of heated ii ^

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would overcome this prejudice. In using the ice-rub

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strangulated hernia by first giving to his patient thirty drops internally,

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1898, iv, 201-268.— Kamocki (V.) Pathologisch-iin.ato-

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perphoria, or a tendency to vertical divergence of the axes.

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18 Fair days. Quantity of Rain 6 inches. Wind Eastof N. and S. 16 days.

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function, and, on the other hand, from prolonged continence. Under certain

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according to their mode of action on the system ; namely, IRRITANTS, Narcotics,

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cytosis is occurring. When there has been considerable, although

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and (independently of the English practice) even here (in Grermany)

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must most surely be cases of partial or marginal attachment,

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sunken, and feel cool to the hand ; the pulse is small at the onset, and the

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ysis, more or less complete in the right lower extrem-

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respective ganglia, their entrance into the skull by way of certain foramina,

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twenty-two observations of cases of children who had had

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highly probable that this statement regarding the date of

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a recent meeting of the Clinical Society of London. Mr.

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