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merchant. Family history in the main excellent, the patient

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men upon white women. Some little search through the literature

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and after careful watching none could be discovered beyond

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embedded in the tumour where the shaft had abruptly termi*-

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be advanced to the corneal margin, whether the squint

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ful in the latter process. It has been abundantly shown by laboratory

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the obtructed artery be of smaller size, or the inflammation be

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deviating types of brain development, correspondent to defective

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How the other organs act toward it is not fulh' understood.

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kmay be put in a large tumbler half full of water, sweetened to the taste,

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Dr. Lewers, in replying on the discussion, said one must adopt the

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evacuation of the fluid, long membranous shreds were in exceptional cases

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dwelt on by Pym, Fellows, Blane, Hosack, and Monette. Others, with

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in that respect committed by one of the great names in medical

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prolific cau-^e of destruction to health, and also crime and poverty. We

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nourishment to keep her alive. We give her everything that is

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to heal, the destruction ceases, and the lardaceous appearance of the

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head or affections of the bones of the cranium, is obscure. It occurs

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room, your office. And with our $99 a month package, you’ll find there’s nothing

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K. At the CaiuaMv Clearing Station. —It i- .u thi. uiiii tlui ojriv nii^i-

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Case IV. — Miss C, age 24, melancholia of two years duration following brother's

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of reflexes, loss of electrical reactions, and, if the case last sufficiently

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of immune animals, which appears most promising from

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immediately preceded them, they are often less acquainted with the

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Cyanosis of the skin is naturally associated with increased loss of heat, so that

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folded up from without inwards, and from before backwards. The

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the number of hospitals was nearly as large, additional hospitals having

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fail upon some less important subject, to have to keep

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when she expired. During this time the mental faculties remained bright, and with an

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ated. It was then found that a sinus extended upward behind


59. "Les acces de fievre symptomatique de la pyohemie, ceux qui se produisent dans les

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of the high degree of patient satisfaction, we have found

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mitted will serve to commend it to the serious attention

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any of the enzyme passed through the V)out^ie in filtration a. The

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fluid be thin, and is evacuated too rapidly, we have but to place

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