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that the repeated loss and sudden recovery of the voice were due to the alternate

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was also thought to prevent infection. Dr. Paul F. Eve of Augusta,

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lation at that point. Or, if the irritation was supposed to be

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curred — interesting as to its astiology, and instructive as to the

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food-substances, animal scurf (e. g. ckt and horse), and bacteria.

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iVom twelve to thirty-nine per cent, had been saved by

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It has been curiously noticed that the victims of ma-

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in character, and often in the marked cases more or less through the

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tion, the working of the system of the registration

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of the amount of bone restored and the remarkable res-

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place for the female nurse, but that in the base hospi-

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all such cases. He regards many of the cases of (sup-

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Britain and in Ireland, it has prevailed with great severity on repeated occa-

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beyond the air passages and lungs even in specially severe cases.

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the duration of labor. With the contractions of the

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and falls off as a flat, hard, circular disk of an average diameter of 3

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to right, slight right facial spasm and palsy, left knee-jerk brisker than right.

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originally well planned and properly constructed will not always remain

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where to buy zantac in australia

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both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes at the order of the

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especial note in Dr. Bozeman's operations, we herewith ap-

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such as good beef or mutton well and simply cooked, with a

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But I have heard physicists urge in opposition to this view that

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cause of many outbreaks, and scattered cases of disease that cannot be ex-

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pain and tenderness, with gurgling in the ileo-caecal region.

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