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ably applied technique may promise a solution of the

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mixing is done by means of a platinum wire, for about five minutes, this period

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the second day after the operation. The patient, however,

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receive that amount of attention and S|'ace which it

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warm, and kept there for about forty-eight hours. It acquired a slight

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able funds, applicants must be residents of the State

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joints, in bones, or glands, the infection spreading directly from the part

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The mixture is then centrifugalized and the supernatant fluid de-

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but in the camps. Is our mortality open to criticism ? The

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equally complete and excellent Avith that Avhich Ave have just

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gle is at its height, leading for some time to general symptoms, such as

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(, >■ and degree of gravity of cases before treatment ; proportion

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the digestive ferments, long kept and sometimes poorly cared

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Previous to an attack of apoplexy there may be some premonitory

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japid death and surrounded by a wall whose superficial cells resemble in

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tic dementia may not be the consequence more or less

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diphtheria supervened, and its natural deli- ■ by the touch ; the complexion has that

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Women, or the Diseases of Children " ; and that " the

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ence the British Admiralty, he convinced almost no one in

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serious illness, but six years previously he had partially swallowed

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fJerniiiii nuthor, in 1717, phvs of nn Rpideniic whicli CHrried off

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soned concerning it and concluded that nothing could happen." I con-

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gated and the evidence collected, showing that during the rush for cer-

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but slightly variable. The venous side of the cerebral circulation may,

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Pediculi, or Lice. Destroyed by mercury infusion of tobacco, 290.

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available supply of the base depot, as far as the table fixing the

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on what was previously uncertain conjecture ; (2) to

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acetabulum on two occasions, and, as he did so, he felt a distinct crush-

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tendinese. As the clot extended along the pulmonary artery to the lungs, it was

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truded. The operator stood in front of and close to the shding doc^r, sup-

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happiness to his lonely life. He was much elated at the prospect, and

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The Pkesident inquired if it might net be possible to re-

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Mercuric'oxide becomes developed by keeping, making the powder

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intercourse with the world, a " Nathaniel, in whom was no guile.''

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of zinc, sulphate of iron, chlorine, and sulphurous acid; very few are equal

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surgery, the majority of whom limit their practice to the wards of the University Hospital. Stu-

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