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Tumors of the Breast. Dr. E. J. McKnight. Hartford.

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ObstelricsiGynecology Conference, second Tuesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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no means upon the stretch ; and they are not muscular.

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any mercurial compound which was to be subcutaneously

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post-operative ventral hernia is a frequent sequel to abdominal

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and in this case not even suspected ; and altlwngh the result of the

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December 19th. — On the third day, patient having grown

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have been ruptured. The attack does not invariably begin in the manner

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the fields for more than a year, and was then attacked with brain symptoms,

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thorough discussion of the urine in its physiological and pathological con-

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ministered by the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

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the wall of adhesions around the drain. Sinuses and hernia not

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urgency corresponding to the danger of death by this mode. These,

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sarcoma by the streptococcus and prodigiosus toxins, that it is a

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mtk, ]ad(lDg (torn tbt pnaent iDilalBim t. vllt prora a ntaablt addtlla

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40° and 90° F., the vitality could be maintained almost indefi-

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and exhibit no property of caryocinesis. It is possible

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had been published in which so-called continuous murmurs were present, such

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wirework, shaped somewhat like the wound, but larger,

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rhagic area of triangular form, situated beneath the capsule, with its

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the attending physician, 30 hours after accident, the vitreous

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/March 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 3 139

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curious that this observation did not long ago lead to the discovery that

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between the pharmacy and medical professions. The attention of the mem-

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