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and uniformity of product required by the careful physician. It is a laxative

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different from that of weariness," was felt in the limbs irame-

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esophagus, but at the fundus of the pouch. During the

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precipitation by reducing the bile acids, the solvents of cholesterin, has

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consist of fibrous tissue stroma arranged so as to form alveolar spaces, in

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with him a genius in the person of Dr. G. M. Cooper, Chief of the

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with which the patients were subsequently seen, and the

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almost impossible for one man to kill another with his

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to try the effect of the same treatment in a very severe case of

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Facts of this sort are very encouraging, and the more

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excessive strain upon the feet are held chiefly by men (salespeople

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The decimal division of time received the attention of the

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and sleeping well, and performing his bladder and rectal

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that there is in the universe only one kind of matter and only one

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observers as Prof. Cohn, Any differences between the microzymes

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connection with the cirrhotic, and not infrequently the waxy kidney.

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epidemic did not confine itself to India and the region which had been

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walk into the office. He was very tolerant of them.

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chemical work of arterializing the blood, upon a discharge of

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statement of the science and art of surgery. Inflammation is

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omy, or the division of the clavicles of the fffitus in certain

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weather being very cold at the time. About a week after, he

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posed measure would be very trifling. The registrars

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lowing diagnosis was made ; An aneurismal ectasis of the

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Casts were noted in 37 and the diazo reaction in 60 among 495 cases.

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pruritus — it depends on the humour. In fact, experienceproves

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processes, laminM, arches, and articular facets are invari-

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for a child of two years and how they should be prepared, to sav

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pouring out of his mouth ; the rigidity caused by the

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author, and the notes of three cases successfully treated on the

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for the frequent extensive structural lesions found in the or-

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prevented, and nerve waves are impossible, the result

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