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of faradic contractility, though diminished, shows that the

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Long before this I had repeatedly condemned a growing

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conducted being of more vital importance. These remarks

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they now often do their steam roller or threshing machines : '

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Eatraque, near Cuneo. As to France, cases, are reported as

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SLONDON HOSPITAL, Whitechapel Road, E.-Surgical Registrar. Salary,

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cannot be used to prove the specificity of an organism sus-

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was started on the seventh day after infection, and 60 c.c.

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found that this rudimentary digestive juice is naost active on

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to tie held at Kome next autumn has decided to establish a

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numbered about 600. That day being the birthday of the

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occupying the first right frontal convolution. The surround-

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tion where the iron occurs, the chain of evidence was not

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which Mr. Burdett, in emulation no doubt of the example of

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were people occupied somewhere on, or near to, the harbour

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Surgeon Captain G. S. Thomson. -M.B., Bombay Establishment, from the

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on last January by combined suprapnljic and perineal incision, who had

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%* Although there would appear to be no written ethical rule that con-

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Mr. GoLDiNG-BiRO mentioned the case of a man who had!

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the patient is at the period of onset, the more rapid is the

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The child quickly convalesced, and when shown at the meet-

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cause of this great heat and aridity is the position of the

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