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be due to this cause, for it may be both in and out of the epithelial cells. I
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cold is grateful, and can be kept up by means of the
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myelitis, or to neuritis. Hysterical muscular wasting does not pick out
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This latter fact granted, antiseptic surgery has given its
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the fauces from epithelioma, and we need hardly speak of
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stand for the things that Naples does not, viz.: no
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rations being either excessive in degree, prolonged beyond their
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Mrs. N , Avery Place, was seized on the 20th ult., with the usual
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lives in the country, a pair of rubber boots for deep mud and
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to prevent their making examinations. As to muscular errors, at the A. M. A. a
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within ten days, and 18 after the tenth day. Of the 18
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patients in a hospital, and yet, whenever the principle is to be adopted or
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decrease. In the other cases the variations were not greater
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can only be sent to sleep when they resist mentally, and they then succeed,
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operations and continued anaesthesia, and it was my
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Several have thanked us for the large amount of information we fur-
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Kiyono in his exhaustive studies. In later experiments, because of
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tablespoonfuls of grated bread-crumbs, 1 2 tablespoonfuls of grated
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pointed out distinct characters which separated it from the
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marked epidemics of small-pox ; which is equal to a ratio of 24
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of the seamen, it will be found that no officer has
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clean, bleached, and kept for use in antiseptic fluid
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infection lowers greatly the tolerance for food and causes
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Rush's during the first. He fully sustained the principles and meth-
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Dr. J. M. McCoBLE, of Texas, invited guest, said he
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counting from before ; the hair is removed as before, a flap of the
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removal of large fibroids or an entire limb, we remove a large frictional surface
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Historically, suppuration of the kidneys was recognized by many of the
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the form of circumscribed, more or less symmetrical superficial patches — occtirs
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but he did not think it was the cause of as large a
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interesting on account of the diagnostic difficulties, and em-
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The child, a girl of six years of age at the time of the
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tied and the symptoms subsided. In another case an ex-
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experiments, by feeding laboratory bred anophelines on the blood of various animals
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Had he reported his case a little earlier, it would have
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dressing over the plaster at the point where it crosses the
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ated are erythema papulatum and tuberculatum. The spots are rounded,
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In this paper I propose to consider some phases of this disputed
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The thought readily suggests itself, therefore, that extensive
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Le Bouvler, G.L., Bancroft, W.H., and Holland, P.V.: On the rare
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cannot acquire a knowledge of the nature of the combustion, we should
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ment of the cardiac muscle, whether as the result of fatty change or of a mere
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to remain till it had produced a decided impression. The main de-

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