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(Gibert), etc. As will be seen farther on, Erasmus Wilson applied the

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the record and publication of its scientific work. The clini-

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Many observant physicians have not failed to notice, that phthisis

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lying the fourth metatarsal head, was inch (1.9 cm.)

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either scarlet fever or measles protect against rubella. It occurs in

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eyelashes, and they are usually of short stature. The other

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nence, early in peritonitis, to lead to this error. The diagnostic marks of

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Her pulse did not, however, change in character. After

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happiest results had followed massage by Brandt's methods.

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proceeded from large vessels which had been laid open during the

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Corpuscles of blood as seen in a solution of sulphate of soda

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lently dependent upon uterine irritation, and which appears in some

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not thoroughly determined — non-parasitic biliary cyst — and nine syphilitic

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of God's children weighed down by sickness and suffering,

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were found in the vascular walls. A large number of the

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out special lesions, and at the same time may we not

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the Garfish (^Lepisdsteus dsseus) and the common Mudfish (^Amia cdlva') of

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Indeed we can even positively and with full assurance maintain that

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He alluded to a previous recommendation, endorsed by the

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into muscle, fat, &c., and these in turn are again decomposed

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the developing fetus. When pregnancy is detected, VASERETIC

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from the softening and ulceration of gummatous tumors, mucou9

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been very ill, " confined to bed for three weeks," before leaving

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representative in the Council of the Royal University of

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we should have had some interference with "speech ; and it is

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of Dr. Stokes, given elsewhere, are of the utmost value.

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they can prepare themselves for the discussions, an

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brown colour is ascribed to the pigment present in the basal prickle

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W. W. Keen and J. C. Da Costa, Philadelphia; Obstetrics, B. C. Hirst and W. A.

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