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in the case of certain infectious diseases the sick man

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exact location of the osteotome, the width of the osteotome and

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which led Dr. Physick to his mode of treatment for the cure of this most

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after three ounces of hydrated tritoxide of iron, the oesophagus tied; seven

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the rotten potatoes, and for this purpose turned up the heap with small

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at least one-quarter of the inhabitants in some villages

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countenance resembled that of a patient labouring under asthma. All

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the poor man of his right to use a cheap and wholesome

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iliac fossa consecutive to tubercular appendicitis. Except for

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war material." "The exclusion from protection of inventions

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17, 1837. By William B. Carpenter, Senior President of the Society, &c.

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passed through an attack of typhoid fever, had been

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will in a measure control syphilis in this country.

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The "Christian Science" bill, known as "the Bell bill,"

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tice is usually confined to the early stage of the disease ; but I am of opinion

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locked together; the upper extremities were firmly flexed at the elbow-

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inculcate this simplicity in practice, and to show the absurdity of employing

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called to facts that seem to indicate that some of the

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If, then, I have been successful in proving that the theory of the elastic

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the aid of the outfit furnished, without inconvenience or knowl-

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decidedly preferable to sulphuric acid on account of its yielding a soluble salt

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longation of human life as the improvement of the air

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On inspection of the body no evidence of "chancre" could be

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