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way in the spleen a very occasional recognizable fragment of a spirillum was

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relieve the suffering of his patients, but care is to be taken

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teaspoonfuls of the medicine. With each dose of the bromide of iron the fluid

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the inhaler is required for use; or over the end of a

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me interject to his memory that he continued fifty-one years.)

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a period of extensive screening and interviewing, George D.

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Abscess of Bones. — L. Longuet concludes an article in

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to man and the lower animals, and their application in the arts, manuf ictures and

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eighteen to forty-eight hours after making showed bodies in all

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a few days previously. In that case he gave scopolamin hydro-

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Academy of Medicine, in lieu of M. Laugier, deceased.

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tion and other effects mediated by B- adrenergic receptors, its effect on blood

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from the small material the latter is superior. The

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them. The blood supply is at all times very deficient. The

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It is to be regretted that it wag impossible to obtain a fuller account of her state of

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Monthly, June 15, 1883, page 387. The Restoration of the Perineum

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masses of considerable bulk, however, are not uncommon. Other forms

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curred. In the ligature operation, the hemorrhage, if

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laboratory man. These units were formed with lieutenant commander

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lateral half of the tongue by division of the symphysis menti,

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lins Warren, M. D., Assistant Professor in Surgery ; Regi-

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ture strangely similar to the recent pronouncements

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mond Medical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 204-212, March, 1866; William O'DtniA

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perature for. a few hours almost up to normal, and in-

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often produces nasal catarrh. Sometimes this drug produces a

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medical men that certain forms of continued fever, particularly

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bacillus of Asiatic cholera, discovered by Koch, the

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in London. Tliere were no symptoms, but cultures taken from the throat

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There has been a great deal of discussion as to whether the B bile

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irritability, works injuriously on the nervous system and the

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^ lobar pneumonia, pneumonitis, lung fever, fibrinous

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