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are subjected to unnecessary surgery, females in particular. The

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the bed. Speech rather indistinct, slow but intelligible. Xo

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What to Forget, — If you would increase your happiness

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such a case, which was duly related at the meeting of

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months afterward, and the minimum is not reached until about the same

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colleagues and reflect on the state of health of your

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from stealing patients ; but then he added further along that he

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the process of repair. It must be understood that when anchy-

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axis, as an organ indispensable for the performance of every

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as salivation soon occurs in spite of it, we may confidently infer thst

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76 cubic inches. The only possible explanation here is, that the 92

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return. It seems evident, therefore, that all hernia

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to the boiling-point, preferably only at the upper portion. If a precipi-

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acids or by cleavage with proteolytic enzymes. The simpler types of

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urethra carried to 27 mm. Tiie anterior part of the

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distended tube. Along the lower border may be seen the fetal

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sote and guaiacol in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis) has

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With the patient bending forward with his elbows upon his knees, the index

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a new medical world that treats them according to the

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from the Western Infirmary, and 27 from the general public,

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clinical lecturer, who is more or less occupied with his

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he remained lying on one side, with the legs extended, passing at

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Jaime Polit, MD, Internal Medicine, 502 East Main Street,

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Urticaria pigmentosa quotes cases by Liveing, Tilbury Fox, Kaposi. — 42. Reinhahdt.

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as that in which they existed in the blood, and that subsequent alterations

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This disease was first described by Dercum, of Philadelphia, in 1888.

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and that the animal has the power of whistling through it. He

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were no more sterile than plain sutures. A chemical-

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use of the dried spinal cord of a rabid animal as the inoculation

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water and sew it up with cat-gut sutures. Sew up the paunch

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often illumines the features of a sleek and crafty pre-

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ulcer may extend in depth and reach the deeper layers of the muscular coat,

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