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There remains yet another volume to be issued, that on
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fundus ot the uterus. "Continuous, gentle pressure was
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odor, chemical and microscopic qualities. This is a
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choice, there is always something which responds to the
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closely the relation of the parts concerned in hare-
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in reference to an inverted uterus ; doubtful whether it
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was therefore very deep ; and Mr. P. thought that the use
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of orator could not be more happy. He had to speak of
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dairy cows (See Science of Food and Agriculture, January 1 989).
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protruded, extending from the abdominal ring to the
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ether, in circumstances where we can make a comparison
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and for all." (His name clearly stayed on the list, for sev
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bowels, and the effects of particular articles of food,
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ated on the banks of the river Parana, and is the finest
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vessels dilate in consequence of a greater attraction for
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this water is applicable would occupy more space than
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London " Lancet," the editors of which had appointed a commis-
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stance on animals, anticipating that the blood would cause
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sion gave it. New jackets may be applied from time to time
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ous and "progressive" are using carbolized dry-earth for
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low professor of our faculty and surgeon to the Midi
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of pamphlets, and newspapers, carefully to ascertain
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of a convenient height for me to operate while seated,
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asks attention to his Artificial Legs, Arms, and Club-foot App»-J
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one suspected a ball was lodged in his brain, the man was
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effusion, usually takes place at the time of menstruation. In the
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1 "Times and Gazette," August, 1853, page 21Y, quoted by Stai6.
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under the name of intermittent hcematuria. Dr. Gull,
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sentative at the Universal Expositiou at Paris. The
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having swelled, and the os being occluded, he incised it
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only one of the physicians who did. Extending the ex-
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the spine, with a rest for reading or writing attached in front.
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formed on each side by the union of the rectum and vagina, on
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by two physicians, seated one on each side of her. Oil-
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to three inches and a half, and the external on the labia mid-
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characteristics upon her, yet there is some reason to be-
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kM la** (e't. repe.-if-ay iKriap' ar»4 pt'ief t'*rt*> ttrM
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ferred that there must be a permanent loss or injury to

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