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conduct an informational meeting on the concept of prepaid medi-

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Council on Public Health with the members of this Com-

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tient referral source for the in-service forensic group. All the

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the intestines of the patient having been previously emptied by means

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the microscope ; but microscopical experiments, in the manner

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rather like a sheaf of corn ; some preparations of which, adapted to the microscope,

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under the care of Mr. Savory, on October 21, 1885, having for

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bronchogram, bronchoscopy, or blood gases would be in-

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whose name they are annexed : C.S. refers to the specimens

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gentleman," Mr. Lambert adds, " was a free liver, of a full

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e.g., by place of residence, year, race, age, and so on. The

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into a very bright one." Dr. Johnson added that he had

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some diffcrenco in the yield of lymph. But I have found that the use of

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provides a strong additional basis for the validity of animal

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of the articular surfaces of femur and tibia, and one in

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in the pleura, though it is not possible to prove the contrary.

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(6) Maintained liaison with the Medical Society’s own

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ly asymptomatic. This disease process can last from several

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joint. There was no fluid in the joint. No loose bodies

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injected with Mercury, passing through a Cluster of

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into two or three branches, which still accompany the crural

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Close to Routes 280, 287, 80, 23, 46, 10 with convenient

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present. In 9 cases of the latter series it had been present for periods ranging

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RESOLVED that the Medical Society of New Jersey continue to op

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various factors appear interrelated, as has already been

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from the upper two thirds of the abdominal incision, the

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tee to devise a method of aiding in HSA activities.

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dear to his family and associates, than his talents made him

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a case of calculous pyelitis; extraction of the stone by

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mitted is for the exclusive use of The Journal and will not be

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(Established at invitation of Supreme Court— I I /17/63)

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salt, kept fifteen minutes at 144°, became athin semi-transparent pulp, and

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