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a condition which can not be remedied or even relieved by medicinal treat-

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It may be further stated among their general characteristics,

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be observed round the Malpighian capsules of the kidney, when it is in a

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seven !' * What was your exercise ?' * Shooting,' he said, ' every day

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gout. Of these, alearonat and roborat have been most extensively used.

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standards being unconsciously adopted by the same inspector at different

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nearer to the term of gestation than if it had been

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kwakunguBuhlaluse. Buhlaiuse ke abernuh.e- futsi aiaieia bazali.

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when the face is flushed the skin graft looks like a patch

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is naturally greater. It would be grossly unfair for

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quently regarded as a complication of scarlet fever, when it is

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vesicles, or, if not treated, even pustules may form. All forms of

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Contra-indications. — In respiratory diseases associated

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frightened, and this disorders circulation and res-

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