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the peritoneum have been well understood; and it is principally
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ing the effusion of blood into the joint simply. I should think now rest
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when suturing. The instrument is applied in this manner:
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it was Dr. Whitelegge wlio, in a paper on scarlet fever, some years ago, pointed
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candle burned very strongly and with a crackling noise. This
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matzoon is substituted for milk from time to time for
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Tewksbury, have been Presidents of the Maine Medical Association. Drs.
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Description. — The name of keloid is given to certain non-inflam-
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delson more than five years ago with a typical cancer of
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arsenic, the latter by hypodermic injection if not tolerated by the
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disease, even though they have not the immunity ac-
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Ther 79,576-583, May 1976, 4. Kales A, etal: Clin Pharma-
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bone over right posterior lobe of cerebrum, membranes adherent to jiia mater
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clots that are formed either immediately before or after death. The latter
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three squares from my house. The tumor was first observed about
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