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containing the aqueous humor, divided by the iris into an
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have used chloroform very extensively, and in almost every variety of case. I
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Coxites, we could either under it, or Ophthalmia (for cases of Zymotic origin), include every
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the clinical side accumulating experience seems in a
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Treatment. — K the anaemia of the brain be one symptom of gen-
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to-day; morphia every four to six hours. Ordered tinct. digitalis, 10
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three or four days in a coiulition that would kill a
mebendazole (vermox)
pressure. This occurs particularly in arteriosclerosis and in chronic
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goes through it the resulting aperture has about the same shape and
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can readers, since a second edition of the first German one has
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have suggested, the blood vessels winding in and out
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treated lightly, and should always be investigated. It is true
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produced by the l)romi(le, such as general depression
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dies in slices of various shapes. It is an aromatic
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exertions never so strenuous and well directed to save her, might be well
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actively carried out for a long period of time; but it has not yet been
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ated mercury, are best. When the eruption is limited to the inside of
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Surgeon on August 10, 1862, and was again promoted to Surgeon
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however, be withdrawn by means of this apparatus, if the
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disease, 1— disease "of the liver, 1— inflammation of the lungs, 3— marasmus, 3— old age, 2—
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the surgical operations at their private sur- Virginia Medical Semi- Monthly.
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transformation of the carbohydrates, and it was most
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about No. 20 of the American scale. Under this distention
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Any further details of treatment, together with the
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degree in which the free play of the testator's judg-
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