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Treatment. — Antiseptic cleansing of the swelling ; reduction ; injec-

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Condition on Entry. — Lameness was very marked, the foot resting

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the maxilla or the alveoli of the teeth have already undergone extensive

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neck, and a turpentine enema. At 8 a.m., the fits were almost contin-

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surface of the heart, the wall of the aneurism being either intact or

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were sharp and clear all round. There was no evidence of peritonitis.

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rounded, though^a some distance bvfije " '%"°" e'*^'"^ ^"^■

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* In his treatise on nervous affections in tlie horse, just published, Dexler regards

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stated by authorities, was entirely wanting; namely, the sharp cry at-

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the opinion of the writer or speaker, to meet the public eye ; or that

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From a careful examination of the various Acts of Parliament bearing

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racter ; the liquid which filtered into them becomes reabsorbed ; the

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tutional treatment will cure, and that efficient local measures must be

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effervescing draught ; and lime-water, and calomel, and jalapine, and

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Smith then rapidly sketched the rise and progress of the Association,

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region appeared normal. It was difficult to produce coughing by

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was correct, and that the patient, apparently in perfect

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empty. In the depths of the abdomen towards the right side could be

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he must be read with the help of a translation and notes by everyone

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swallowing the little boluses of food, so that although it continued to

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rator." This, by means of a spring stop on the piston rod, and a double

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flushed as it had been ; there was then no murmur, but on the next

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your Lung Corrector and two bottles of the Mudrng Fluid. The first doses of these

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the most inveterate humors; and as you tell me that you are now troubled with

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These cases were, so to speak, at first dumb, but their very silence of

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stables of the Compagnie Generale des Voitures de Paris. The result was as follows :

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April, to consider the contents of the Bill ; and they resolved to

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small intestine, and a loop of the small colon had entered the chest.

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vided the temperature suddenly falls, or if other causes intervene.

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call for the doctor, and see that he is restored to health

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thelioid cells, usually of considerable size, and always containing a

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The off fore fetlock had just been severely injured by a tramway

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to the Hindoos. He complained of the low estimate in which the

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Under the old regime of non-self-examination we have prided ourselves

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established by the subsequent symptoms. The pneumonia ended in

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supplied by the pneumogastric nerve. He said "tenderness on pres-

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anxiety ; in others the skin is warm, dry, and affected with obstinate

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any exception, they were very dark complexioned. Not only were

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greater in the former. We shall merely allude to the coii per in-patient,

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It grew rapidly and caused the animal much inconvenience, as shown

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reported by Dr. Williams had been under his care, and up to this

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