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effect in moderate oedema of the lower extremities and also in many cases
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or the Atlantic Ocean, where the colder temperature and rougher waves
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before death contained no trypanosomes upon microscopic examination (Dr. William-
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varying results. The hydrate of chloral was introduced only last
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the branches were equal in diameter to the parent stem, were of
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Both of these thin the bronchial secretion, facilitate expectoration,
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plement fixation reactions. Because a large amount of data can be
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may be used either in cases of slight lack of compensation or in those
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obtained with less than 20 to 40 milligrams. These quantities
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v/hether enough was left to kill another guinea-pig the sac was
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Diet. — The diet in general is the same as in Bright 's disease. In
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toxin originally placed in the sac would be neutralized in vitro by
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continued with very short intervals and with considerable severity.
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of large vesicular nuclei, practically devoid of protoplasm. Leprosy
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actions of co-fixation and co-agglutination were obtained with organisms isolated from
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happens much more frequently in hospital than in private practice."
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clumps. In size the bacilli vary from 2.7/n to 8.1 m in length by 0.6/^ in breadth.
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calculus must be resorted to, but when possible the actual meaning
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not nearly so stifling as it used to be. In this instance there is only
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bones. It is necessary to give at least 0.0005 G. (V400 gr.) daily for 4
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of lactose bile gives results which represent the relative degree of
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acute nephritis. Brush's or Daddirian's koumiss is made from cow's
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find that, despite pains of a second stage character, little, if any, pro-
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were admitted within the 12 days. A similar table, for native
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Sig 3 of the weaker pills daily between attacks; 2 of the stronger
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the lesion itself, especially aortic insufficiency, a further contraindica-
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sudden paralysis of the heart, cerebral anaemia, albuminous expectora-
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If a heart lesion, generally an aortic insufficiency, has developed by
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ranean resorts during cold, damp days in winter in the insufficiently
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crease and ultimate extinction of combustion and chemical change in every other part of the
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more materials for a life of Faraday than a life itself. Neverthe-
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cess of tension in the peripheral arteries and the increased blood pressure.
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admirable cardiac stimulant ; improperly administered, a most un-

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