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bly and in some large ones the death-rate has been exceedingly low. Great

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McCrae and the present series) it occurred in 93 ( . 7 per cent.). It is thought

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Time not stated by Stimson. "Within a short time" (Por-

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the guilty party, was retained, and the examiner was sum-

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If there is swelling of the cervical glands, ice-collars are frequently of

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be found. Essential that beneficiary shall have insurable

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sixteen lectures under the heading of Life Insurance and Case

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hot blankets are often applied over the whole chest or abdo-

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Disturbance in the peripheral vessels — phlebitis, venous and arterial

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The onset is more variable and nervous features, which may suggest menin-

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body. The establishment of this fact simplifies the technique still further.

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or death results from some intercurrent disease. In one case the cough had

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the substance of the liver small yellowish, opaque, non-purulent, non-

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of 6; Kanthack and Tickell, 14 out of 84; Lenhartz, 5 out of 38; Osier,

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berg demonstrated the presence of the pneumococcus in his own saliva many

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Bright's disease did not account for but a fraction of the

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petition of the agency department; hence for a long time I

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diminution from January to February, but no perceptible diminution in

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stretcher is used, the patient being placed on it and then lifted into the tub.

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brospinal meningitis. In tuberculous meningitis the onset is usually in-

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sharply circumscribed. This part is indurated, sometimes quite deeply.

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tissue juices, but for the most part, whilst in the main successful, natural

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organism of diphtheria, but the differentiation Avas easily made by the stain-

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virus in general would give the same protection as with the fully virulent.

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ritis." Gordon, 1902, "A decrease in the amount of urea is

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tried this and speak from experience. Dr. Symonds of the

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— (I J "Veterinary Pliarniacopaiia and Manual of Comparative

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particular nidus in the intestine, on the other. Clinically,

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tion in the family still died of consumption themselves. Of

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which may be to 104° or 105° F. It may fall to normal in a few hours or may

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to give each examiner a sufficient amount of work to make it

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nominators seemed an excellent one, yet it involved a great

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