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think for a moment of how the medical business of the country
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stages of the disease and post-mortem investigations show that
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and for a number of years president of Washington County Medical
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ner, 37.5 mils of distilled water. Mix the purified talc intimately
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cian. The acute onset, oedema, headache, nausea, etc., call attention
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several fistulous tracts might be better drained by lay-
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l)i{. IIaM'IN u)i EAlirpah'o)! ofthcLaclininial (Hdiul. K\
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M. Weiss, M.D., 652 Boston Post Rd., Guilford, CT 06437.
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evident explanation. The more one studies the subject the more one
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blood of certain normal individuals, but he has also ascertained
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operation was done the individual had already become
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some time. On the sixth or seventh day a purge is given, and at the
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For example, in five children under the ages of three }'ears, and
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homoeopathist ; Julius H. Appleton, of Springfield, manu-
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death is one of low virulence. In the course of any large series of
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It is proper to say here that, though the argument is very strong in
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was seen by me with Dr. S. Leo, on March i, 1900, at
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restored, the Renol was discontinued. In another case of insufficient secretion of
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the segments of this tapeworm are wide and short, entirely
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frontal convolution. The cases, however, were not verified by laryngo-
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in Latin, "rostrum arserinum." K, sound. L, ball-extractor without cannula.
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well. In order to combat this avenue of transmission, masks have been
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plague, and 1-15,000 and 1-50,000 for hog cholera bacilli.
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Univ. of Va., 1881 : Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1882.
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ment of Learning, and of the friends of education in Canada,
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Wagner relates (Ammerkungen zu Pinels eben angefuhc-
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I would here remark that this preparation will not produce the vom-
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Vol. XX. Louisville, Ky., December 28, 1895. No. 13.
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ing what may be considered the congestive stage of the
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discourages the investigator. In such cases a wider survey of
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his brains. It was interesting to note that, while the successful
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of gastritis developed during prolonged abstinence. Arsenic introduced
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around your house you’ll be able to find all the space you
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both sexes equally ; isolated cases, although rare, do however occasionally
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he has also developed a theory of muscular types, i.e., the per-
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Whooping-cough may give a lymphocytosis of 20,000 to 30,000.
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With Marked Beneficial Action Upon the Nervous System. To be Belied Upon
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was administered in not less than eighty thousand cases. In seven in-
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exaggerated; at other times it would occupy a larger
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which open into the colon. They are preceded by symptoms of enteritis ; the
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We know nothing in history to equal the horrors of this
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cessful, of those which I have seen at least, have been those in which
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working hypotheses emerged, quite by accident, as a sort of side

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