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sued in influenza by the Berlin Society of Internal

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amongst the poor." In Dale-street district, " deaths 809, an increase

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them. The toe was red and angry looking, throbbing with

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began to limp and complain of pain in the right ankle, since

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in about 500 parts of water, and in 2 parts of alcohol. Also

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Experiment 5. The yellow coloured matter, (experiment

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training of the young mind, the disciplinary value of the studies

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to some writers there is no such thing as acute primary dementia ; they

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to New York, where three of them proved mortal, as I learned from

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I'epidSmie de fifevre typhoido; la " vaclie ii soldat". Bull.

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nesses of the world. We are to do the research that

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ness, and swelling of the involved site. A “delay” was

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become incompetent in lymphangitis owing to the dilatation of

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four hundred and ninety-eight, and four State of North Carolina are hereby invested

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origin of the injury, and the patient had formerly been

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with it, each point retaining its position in relation to the

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use of the members of the association, where they may read or

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investigated also the changes occurring in hexon nitrogen during

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of the painful nerve? once or twice a day, but it must.

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was made possible. In fact, uranium, radium, and thorium are

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in a patient's urine, and I would not discourage the patient unless

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a special group or in general, to scarlet fever, the following state-

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a base hospital abroad. There is an impression that medicine counts for

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sively in the Regiment during its stay in Baltimore. Rapid and

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three hundred thousand and more, world's center of learning untold, on

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