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tained, on drying, in the form of a grayish powder. This powder

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ber of small colonies which the speaker showed. Their

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Gazette Medicale de Paris, November, Decejnber, 1850. January, February,

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every four years ; but the intervals are very irregular. The

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gymnastics, the heart tends to beat more regularly and

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way it may be said that under this remedy tlie rapidity of

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believe either that it is altogether because they do not realize that

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inunniin..n duri,,.^. ,h,. ,vi,ncr ,,t u,i-^-i(,. ■I'l,,' nn-rt i^ piv.cdfd !■■ .,,

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Discussion. Dr. Wm. Bailey : I think there can be no doubt of the

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that the cause of her sterility might be found in sealed

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iwing; to the fact that it was wound too tightlv and thicklv

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6. The Quantitative Relationship of Milk-Borne Infection In

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— that we must turu for those side-lights which show us the

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he could get about on crutches. The aneurism by this time

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ulcers, that may reach the size of a florin. In all such cases the sub-

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seasonal prevalence of diseases spread through secretions of the mouth

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in treating a disease described as but little affecting general

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in the spinal medulla is converted into an abscess by the extensive

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Among the 3Ul cases of infectious diseases in hospital at the

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The fcafon of inflorefcence is March, or the beginning of

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merable minute pimples, with white summits, occurring m succes-

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strength is more essentially a part of the disorder than the catar-

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tions are brief and clear, the compiler's aim seeming to

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mation of tlie rectum, fever, and dysentery; dyseniery witli liver, lung,

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it requires a slight "effort^'' of impulsion, by which, under the

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instantly, although indeed of no urgency. And when these hasty

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ten lines in length, just in front of the anus, and exactly in the

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than to bony points. This was the case in the shoulder joints already mentioned. 1

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ty, on Medical Societies, by Daniel D. Page, sr. d. • 94

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the process may be continued by the effect a conjunctivitis has

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less be made as our pathological knowledge increases.

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to fibrillation has been due to digitalis, since such change has occurred

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tinued till symptoms reached the maximum, when the mastoid region

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