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fering from a syphilitic ulcer of the throat, twenty grains of calomel were vola-

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Browne had a severe attack of the fever. After his recovery

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artificial refinement, it becomes imperatively necessary

is there a generic drug for toprol xl

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introduce the saline solution or other solution into the gut we

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charge of advising for four months in the year, after which he passes to

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Differential Diagnosis. — Inquiry and careful inference concerning the

difference between toprol xl and metoprolol er

toprol xl versus lopressor

ate inflammation in a locality and then leave it to lie in

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lymphocytes. The unusually low red cell count, the great diminution

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toprol xl atrial flutter

metoprolol succinate er 25 mg pictures

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are admitted, in their professional visits, should be guarded with the most

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a very important amendment. Paragraph 17 (1) (e) in

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traifenient de la tuberculose fete.]. 8°. Montpellier,

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crowd the anti-toxin, and the satisfactory result of this treatment is a re-

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aqueduct, and the fourth ventricle are all filled with moulded coagula ex-

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atrophy and absorption even if the secreting surface

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at any age, often in patients between 20 and 30 years of age.

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appearance of jaundice, are bad signs. The mortality may be con-

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1900 there are reported 477 laryngeal cases treated with antitoxin,

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and bandaged. When the effects of the chloroform had passed off, an opiate

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petty sessions — or, in the metropolis, before a police

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work of Leeuwenhoek upon the fever coating of the tongue and

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ment of Transylvania University, where it is said he

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reference. Besides all works on medical jurisprudence, the

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the instance of the Health Officer, Dr. Swinburne, at Se-

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takes place one ot two consequences may result : either

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by taking part in these discussions. He hoped that the operas

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chambers contain considerable mucus. There is no apparent

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Dr. Hassall, also, in his microscopic observations on the black vomit,

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blood, but mostly on the lack of blood in the skin, which nrast be induced

topol xl vs metoprolol

the New Review, adduces statistics which show that —

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