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Increased value resulting from improvement in quality of cheese cured
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trocar and cannula may be all that is necessary to accom-
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from the eruption. It was important to note that the same cause — the
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finally they coalesced, making an enormous mass ex-
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case, that of the susceptible animals, few leucocytes
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Last summer (1889), while taking out a course of Bacteriology
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out doing so. If an incomplete external fistula exists, which Sir Benja-
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producing sea, while variability is the necessary consequence
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The genus interne comprises two suborders — the medical
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ably increases the local production of malaria. And this
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by Dr. W. T. Gairdner, are the recital of histories
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stimulants are indicated in proportion to the frequency and feebleness of
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i the treatment depends on the bacteriological findings, as indicated
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one over it, and these were retained by broad strips of adhesive plaster. Lastly,
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arms and legs about Avithout knoAving Avhat he A\^as doing. By degrees, but
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any impression on the tumour. Secondly, the patient's constitu-
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so. As far back as 1850 Clarke Gamble writes : " My oppor-
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Case IV. — A young woman showed signs of subacute
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form a chemical union with cell protoplasm, hence must
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the fact that it is by sudden interference with I diable by remedies directed towards it —
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ties of both institutions for some time, and the matter has
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to these the hot-air bath. Both are to be employed in alternation if
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position may be retained for a long time, causing an effluvium, interfering
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It was first named Uncinaria americana but Uncinaria, belonging to the hookworm
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tact: Anita Herbst, CME coordinator, St. Louis. University
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of the lead, but was removed without difficulty by gentle scraping with the nail : on
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Zombodze, near the town of Nhlangano, in the Shiseiweni district.
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reference to inviting the medical organisations of this state to appoint
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dwell upon these points at this time, because I wish
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