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ence and duration of the spot thus become a measure of the principal disease;

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Sweating of the Peet — ^The result of extensive experi-

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Practice Sales: Receive the maximum fair market value for your practice. Confidentiality, purchaser screening, and

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Slst. — Ordered glasses. R. + ^ c. axis 5° — ^^ c. ax. 95°.

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any degree of approximation. The ear-pieces are made of soft rubber,

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the ground. The outer malleolus is extremely prominent, the

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be positive in the case of an infection, but obviously negative in the

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When the clothing is on fire, the best way to extinguish it is to wrap

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tell of them as in their young days booted and spurred, clinging

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distinctly heard over a large part of the pericardium. It is, however,

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dealing as it does so largely with the prevention of disease,

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slight pressure is to be applied to evacuate this fluid, a drop of

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system, their shades of difference are not very well

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frequent irrigation with a 1-1000 solution of corrosive subli-

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the cases of Lawrence and my own. It was considered, how-

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the air, in any manner being prevented from entering the lungs,

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much resembling jmrasitic disease, but the affection is generally mul-

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fluid accompanying them is the cause. If it is the latter, the

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a.s drunkenness. ( 2 ) It is a mistake to say that those doing hard work require

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a careful urine examination should be made with the use of the cysto-

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bacteriologists are able to isolate pathogenic microorganisms from a

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quickest, and most natural delivery, and ray experience leads me to

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civilization of the end of the nineteenth century. The

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the cessation of motility mentioned below, and is not misled thereby. The same

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to speculate upon, as I never possessed the opportunity of examining this

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more readily than any of these a mixtui'e of equal parts of

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The latter may take place in three, four, or five, occasionally in

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isfactorily accounts for this phenomenon — a short, hollow tube

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tubercle bacillus from the mesenteric gland of a child of 17

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physician had attempted reduction, but failed. Four

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which often unite two fibers." Ranvier further gives several methods by

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of deceased physician. Very advantageous opportunity.

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