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maining large ; fatty cirrhosis, (c) Cirrhosis from
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sand successive successful cases, among which she had turned
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irreclaimable, should be put under perpetual confinement
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in a slight degree in all at times. In three cases it had not subsided
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sided as toastmaster, the afternoon session opened with the election of officers.
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rubbed in a certain quantity, upon the skin, or when they are ap-
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Tille, Prince George, Sussex, Surrey, and Southampton, Va.
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surgerj- and in operating on strangulated hernia, whicli
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This division of my subject has diverse relations. In one aspect it
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nothing abnormal could be detected in that part, either on inspection or palpation.
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of arthritis nodosa. These processes commenced in early child-
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Council of Great Britain on May 29 last, having arrived too
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turbinates ; if, however, there are neither of these conditions present,
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took a hearty breakfast. Not long after, the uneasy sensa-
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of any disturbance of the digestive system, and is present even in
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way, the nicest discrimination of sound can be made, and,
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toesent, consists of the secretion from the inflamed area. If the inflamma-
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that it does not and can ■roX. per se, form true natural
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Eye. — These are chiefly of an inflammatory nature, with the usual
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living in the respective years. This is a reduction of 34.7%.
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want of care or a want of intelligence on the part of the owner. It
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and the patient called for a drink of water. In one
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the question has been too extensively treated during
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must have full liberty to act according to my best judgment,
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perverted by such excessive use of alcohol, hence tlie
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bly by checking the activity of the skin and increasing the eliminative
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does little good in high-pressure stasis, especially when renal
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