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marked effects in subduing the rate of pulsation and in reducing

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therapy, which can result in digitalis toxicity. The digoxin dose should be re-

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with insanity as follows: Sensory — Disturbance of gen-

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that she had a distended gall bladder ; advised her to go into


and superstitious, as well as cultivated rational be-

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Rydygier. It is alleged for Rydygier's method that the

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tion might be considered quite as well under motility as under sensibility.

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having the same object as that of M. Alphonse Gu^rin, namely,

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employed in the hospital as orderlies, watchers, etc., 16 were attacked

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tic. Everybody has experienced the instability of up-

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of the desiccated thyreoids three times daily for the past

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formaldehyd gas is the best disinfectant for rooms now known ;

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reasonable to suppose that the actual disintegration of the

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sort of inverse ratio between goitre and cretinism, to which the report of the

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ess of leprosy ; and this is no isolated instance. It is,

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Diaphoretics are much less efficient than diuretics, and cathartics; beneficial remits,

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by the continuous production of new papules ; after a time the crops

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from day to day. The autopsy showed the liver to be soft,

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clearly seen around the margins of this cavity. There had

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ited to the anterior two thirds of the pleural cavity, the surface of the abscess

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case, Hashimoto's four cases, Moullin's case, Simon's case,

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Yirchow and others have remarked on its frequent connection

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linezolid iv infusion

uiuil)lo to lind in literature any cases of chloretone poisoning followed by

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patologo-anatomicheskoye izlledovanie. [Ulcers of thelar-

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matism has been brought forward as one cause by Mr.

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the left side of the spine ; and even, in extreme cases, on the right

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and it was suggested to them that they should keep the

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eighths of the urine have distilled over, a small amount of the dis-

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predisposition and avoidance of the use of thick cushions when

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suddenly taken ill with vomiting and high fever, there was

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the patient may not feel the puncture or the injec-

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the morning ; but it is only in the fifth or sixth week that the

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