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Richmond, 1886-7' xiii, 474-477. — 'Williaius ( E.) Im-

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cervical and all thoracic vertebras, supraspinous liga-

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Medicine Grand Rounds, Thursdays, 12:00 noon, UAMS Education Building, Rom G/131A&B

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properly " presystolic " bi uit was heard ; in the first case this

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the patches, at this stage, is of a very dark bistre-brown colour.

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Etiology. — Acute cholecystitis is commonly due to gall-stones. It

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Yorkshire; Owen Fitzpatrick, Rathfriland, Co. Down, Ireland;

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of Aspergillus and PenidUium. It will be seen that with very few

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zable conditions of the atmosphere, electrical, barometrical, or ther-

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to have had any influence upon the development of the dis-

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tion is to remove the cause. If it is a fissure cure it, and the constipation

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In offering a tew examples by way of illustrating the tricks

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cases, however, there is torpor and diminished nervous energy affecting

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frequent hyperleukocytosis and lymphocytosis; presence of agglu-

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hair over the region of the part diseased. The breath from the

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or right kidney, or inwards towards the mid-line, or lie behind

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ordered and shipped by the purveying depot at Washington. If the

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of colchicum, hydriodate of potash, strychnia, and all the usual reme-

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was such as to justify the inference that the cervical vessels

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includes trends, unique legislation and workable and

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sportsman ? Is it because he is afraid, or because he is

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noraUe office of presiding over your deliberations, to re-

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upon by the solemn compact of the interested parties; then again

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jlivery, this would leave 167 days for the birth of a child showing its powers

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of the hand of a grand duchess, and in all probability

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the fire for two hours, then strain, and add a quarter of a pint of

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head, have a good man there, who should put one knee on his

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ical ingredients contained will account for these cures.

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illustrious Scarpa actually undergoing the process of maceration, in a

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cording to which the approved candidates will receive

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