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attention, and say quietly but positively, " Now you are going to go

tegretol xr side effects

cidal, and our efforts therefore must be directed toward the promotion

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But if some people have not the intellect to comprehend this great truth,

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pharynx is developed. Treatment should be carried out

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reader to find out the reports from different portions of the country,

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gravest results, is placed beneath the lowest employe

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chona, exert a distinctly stimulating action on the salivary

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and competent, not only with me but also with the other

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tabes dorsalis was made. Fifteen years previously he had had a chancre fol-

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of the eye constantly, for the drug will first show its

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to boast of their proficiency. But it does sometimes

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surgeon : "I believe that we, as orthopedic surgeons,

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pain. She was under the doctor's care and called at his of-

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as to fact, the physician who had consulted with the students would be then

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are, first, diarrhoea, followed by swelling of the neck,

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hesions, with temporary and partial obstruction, but I was

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last few days he has cautioned surgeons against the too free incision of

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was, however, nowhere a superficial fluctuation which

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considered by the learned even of the present day, with a few exceptions,

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of ligating a wounded artery at its point of injury has been warranted, and

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of the body cavity, it is thus written : " At a very early period,

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1923, 116, 589) in the clinic at the University of Athens has endeavored

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would take this deformity for polypus if he but ex-

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has gone, the classification submitted by Albu is, perhaps,

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those animals which had been fed on the emulsion. In those

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The interesting point was that the knee-joint was full of fluid,

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impossible ; there were some large and distinct buUfe on the

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or more children are not rare, and the fathers of these ]

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Warm stupes and fomentations greatly relieve the muscuhir pain.

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without a knowledge of which the candidate is not to be

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