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narrow zone, in which the glands are rather closely crowded, with but little
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A striking example of this transition, substitution, or conversion, oc-
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for the guardians have no control over the highways There is
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pearance, it is he who keeps his brother alive. Recently
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In alcoholic subjects and those addicted to the use of
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insufficient diet ; indifference as to the location of dwellings and their
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This acid was first obtained by Schraeder (1819) from common lichen ;
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I have had the fangs carefully removed from a cobra, and am keep-
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them of ten miles, but 77 at large. Well may I be asked,
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The influence of temperature upon the effect of shaJcing.
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liferate in the depths of the wounds, are the normal
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walks with difficulty and finally totters to his carriage and
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In no instance has there been any disease of the eyeball. It is true that in
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suited to very many cases than any other procedure. Of late years,
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license to practice medicine, applicants must have had
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of double pneumonia, and yet there had been only a slight cough and
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iii^flioiiHn piittern of iiltoniiitiii); ciini'iit, t'li'rtri<'liKl't niacliiiic ;
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and at a still lower level at the ste rnum, but a good deal
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neurological disturbances following a decompressive operation.
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Poterfield, Zinn, Camper and others, it cannot be supposed to take
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made use of hieroglyphical writing. He was born at Samos,
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early as 8^- or 9 months. I think it is possible — the gentle-
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and I was compelled again to go to a temperate climate. In Cairo I
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tive practice in an enterprising, intelligent community, on
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The lungs remain unchanged, or at most exhibit a post mortem
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merous investigators have demonstrated the efficacy of
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take into serious consideration the necessity of rais-
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I had a case recently which resembled the disease described very
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Dry Gangrene. — The treatment consists in keeping the part
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in Berlin, 1899. Ztsclir. f. Kiankenpflg., Berl., 1899, xxi,
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Wilms, 80 per cent, of patients die between the fourth and twenty-
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illustrating the cure of myxoedema by thyroid therapy.
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unproductive, acquiring neither size or strength, while their
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temperature was always high. Thus on the first five days of
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its course in the temporal bone the chorda tympani is united to the facial nerve,
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thus secured. The periodical inspection of throats of
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