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with incontestible force, that one of the gravest dangers in
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cells with staff-shaped nuclei, constituted a great step in advance.
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very severe one on Thursday the eighth, and from this a mild one might subse-
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the skin warm. At times the ierking was absent for a period of the
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fied to the mountains. The season was a very sickly one ; " such
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Considerable softening also existed of the spinal cord fVom the third or fourth
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are the dangers which await the visitor to the Havanna, and when
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to groups resembling the different varieties of the human race.
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healthy, and highl^r picturesque ; rain seldom falls, the sky is usually
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topical remedies; but always without the effect of modifying, in any way, the
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is shown by white spots in the nails, loss of lustre, fur-
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his position, and relates an instance, of which the following is an
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attendance at the H6tel Dieu, as physician to that hospital, con-
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parts of cal., rhei, and aloes. At 6 o'clock, P. M., I was sent for in great
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our hairy coat and must muddle along with only a fair
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larged upon. But he also asserts generally that the brains of
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fatal than the corresponding amputations. We must except
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a carrier of oxygen to the tissues. It also carries car-
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appearance around the neck of the teeth, they must, however disagreeable the
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failed to find it in the whey of a cow and of a nurse to whom a
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artery has been known occasionally to give way from accidental
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rye, rice, or sorgho are used the population do not suffer from
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after the operation of the purgative, and still enjoined the horizontal posture.
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to a strictly non-meat diet for at least ten days. He
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occurred there, and even then not in Trieste itself, but in an
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resist the lithotritic instrument, was found, eleven days afterwards, to be
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Salkowski has arrived after performing numerous experiments upon
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it an automatic aiEair. A thermostat b a dbdnct ad-
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had not been moved, I advised that a dose of castor oil be given, and await its
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both sides. And it does something more. Since it costs
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already formed, and when happily brought to bear upon it, promote a favourable
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bable that in chemical composition the cx)ntents of the cells essen-
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of arsenic — that they were identical — that they had noticed the garlic
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speaks of them. "The sanguinary operations which have been recently de-
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ing new disquisitions and practical suggestions. Comprised in five
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series of muscles. Should we not of necessity get other and graver

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