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and Air. Edmund X. Huvck, president of the Albany Chamber
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residents during their training, regardless of where
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Casper gives cases of divorce by the Swedish Consistory of
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Obstetrics for Nurses. By Joseph B. De Lee, M.D., Professor of
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IV — Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Review of 30 Years Experience . . Sept. 400
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Lymph Glands. — No enlarged lymph nodes are present. The thyroid
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cursory or intercurrent, viz. — Potassium sulphate
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class of cases, namely, those in which the organs of generation
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pediatric, geriatric or cardio-renal patients with gastric or duodenal ulcer
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day — in the majority of instances on the fifth or sixth day.
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its activity. If the poison is given in a kind of food or fluid
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ciled in the State or Territory in which they reside for at least one year
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Join us in this dramatically different medical meeting
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states that death by drowning is divisible into three stages : 1.
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The insolubility of the dehydrated euglobulin Schryver attributes bo the
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times. Ammonia is added to the combined filtrates to give ap-
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to the decline of natural vigor. There is no fixed period for
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litigation. The usual basis of the trials coming in this class is
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entrance orifice made by the missile. 2. The track left in the
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I saw our boys in Paris on the Fourth of July and was present
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ses in war. Dr. Salmon cites cases of functional nervous disturbances
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paying for it. In the midst of this, on an afternoon while in the
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ing ground. At great expense, a commission sat long and wearily
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the Barnes Hospital is approximately 220 beds. A sufficient space
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lutea of pregnancy and corpora hcemorrhagica of menstruation.
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interest which the law takes in our profession. There is a
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weight of egg-albumin. The protein-content in this and other cases was
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Left side shows the epithelium and muscle fibres staining well. There
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are the following : It corresponds in width with the width of
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were made with suspensions of euglobulin which were slightly on the acid
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broke her ribs in about the position as previously; this accident
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time comes easily observed and studied in this simple way.
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Local application of finely pulverized copper sulphate is effica-
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blood-vessels. Another characteristic is that they can not be
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fied presence and benignant manner. He died February 22, 1869
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made this world better for his having Jived in it is a digger of wells:
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of the Albany Medical College in which he was at that time the
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Such was the case of Captain Webb, who tried to swim
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clothing fabric, but the cloth is carried in with the bullet as an
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with a chapter on the Electrocardiograph in Heart Disease, By
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Fuller and Nietzsche, evils caused by incorrect glasses in. . . . 273
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These reports are to be sent until the patient has had, at least,
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First National Hepatitis Awareness Campaign Initiated . . 266
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