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stantly the surface is frozen and hence anesthetized. Five to

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Dr. .1. I). \Vii.HO.N I'Xpri'sscd siirpriso iit tlie fri'i|iu'iit mention

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and shrink, through loss of their water, into irregularly-shaped dots

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ing these hospitals, and it makes $6,596,503 as the an-

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Thomas, Jeffrey C, 510 North Terrace St, Janesville 53545

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The Urine. In many cases of myelomatosis, notably when affecting

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Third, occupation. Active labor in middle life is most

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would be spread upon them, and then, on beating to quarters, the bags

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of the disease, followed by fresh rises of temperature. In cases

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siringhe toradol prezzo

wen" , and the mus(■le^ of the (iiK* wen- also rcLixed by keeping the

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be necessary to state that more than nine tenths of the vic-

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The slanu of the fielu has, in course, and conformity,

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Our friend, Dr. Mosby, of this city, has been in the habit for

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were, "Adhesions," " Undescended Testes," and " Hydrocele of the Cord."

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well. The afftection has been called " bilious headache "

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from hematuria, is the absence of red corpuscles in the sediment. The

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served meat ; and by way of further confuting the results reached by

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as it was a happy one, as Victor Hugo is not only a great

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ces connected with the economy of the lungs, or the other vis-

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rently healthy, seldom beginning after the age of thirty years, and usually

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An instance similar to the preceding is related by Mr.

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dysmenorrhea ; endometritis associated with chronic metritis,

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fatal would be the operation of any substance which should have the power of

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