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deficiency. So long as the h3"datids remain intact within the renal paren-

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processes (figs. 13┬╗┬╗S 17, and 18, oph'"'), which run in an oblique

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if the person had been exposed to intense cold. The circulation is some-

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With the forceps the false membrane may be torn away, and frequently

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tion of the details; the distribution of the genera in the cruci-

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restrained. Two examples have fallen under my observation. Epilepti-

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certainly in less quantity than in the corpus cavernos. urethra?,

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addition to the impairment of muscular power, arises from the inability

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movements as summarized in a preceding paragraph occur re-

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of the mule runs parallel to the olfactory tracts, between them

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parts of the motor-tract. But the facial nerve of the right side runs

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to the head, and anachnitis or at least engorgement of the


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lead to the knowledge of other advantages. For injection a solution of

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