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had proved unequal to the task of furnishing a suf-
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The therapy is superfluous in mild cases where sim-
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at the time of delivery and had not been recognized
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Professor of Plithisiotherapy at the New York Postgraduate Medical
mors, circular in outline, rising a quarter of an inch
Tzcenty-fiftli Annual Meeting, held in Washington. D. C,
assurance that the steady improvement in opportunities and recompense
the faculty. Officers to ser\'e for the ensuing year, and
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3. Ferrosilicon. — Hake says that ferrosilicon is
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ceed to Point Pleasant, N. J., for the purpose of mak-
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Septicaemia is that form in which the micro-organisms develop in the blood
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The heavy vertical lines have reference to intervals of one week.
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the anaesthetic while covered, actually gained 2° in temperature. When
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during one and one-half hours 0.3° ; another dog, although thoroughly
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Other preparations may be used, but silver nitrate,
The Inhalation of Formalin. — Mr. J. Lardjjer Green considers that
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in every way. She still has to take her thyreoid extract
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four weeks the febrile symptoms disappeared, and the drainage-tube
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tension slightly. An increased rate of diffusion from the conjunctival sac
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American dermatologists in particular are fully recognized wherever
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During the first twenty-four hours following the operation fifty ounces
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5. The Meteorological and Hygienic Aspects of the Floods
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in the operation ! Startling as the primitive crude-
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examination of the wound. The edges of the wound should be brought
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should be repapered, taking off the old paper first —
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in the stomach, being thin, transparent, smooth and impervious
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Professor J. B. Leathes, Professor Philip Hanson Hiss,
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The reaction disappeared on tlie thirty-fifth day in one case in
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lined in the foregoing, consisting as it did of two or
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serpina 1 gene and lung cancer
men a hot enema at 110° F. after each stool is use-

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