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pation met with in typhoid, remarked that several years

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But let us tum from this intricate problem of Races, and come down to

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ages, more and more, until a more or less intense bronchitis sets in, which

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of the mischief, might readily enough have escaped into the cavity of the

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the lower part of the back, and who also had dropsy of the lower extremi-

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produced by a sterile irritant and contains no microorganisms.

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upon the nature of the gas or vapor, not upon the substance

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In order to answer the first question, it will be neces-

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6. The extension of the knowledge of loco plants as much as

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President of the Superior Council of Hygiene, at Brussels ; Vice-

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ment "" )ur next number will be enriched by an able article on the "Pro-

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less than a quarter of a mile from the pumping station,

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ministry — the Richmond AIDS ministry; as such he is

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I caused the patient to lay on her abdomen nearly all this time.

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guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished

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there are patches of the disease on the scalp, there is a complete

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however, to support this view ; and, indeed, Virchow has ascertained the

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are in the same condition as on the palmar aspect, and that

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ever evidence was given by a medical man should be facts, and judgment

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infer from the foregoing table that measles was not a very important

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The rising and falling of the upper line of dulness, as the effusion increases

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passed into the wound, but on and after this date the tube was passed via the

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nothing passed her bowels for thirty-six hours, and did not

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region, which on incision revealed enlarged glands about the saphen-

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part of the time where loco was abundant. As soon as they showed

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time. The part thus incarcerated, if not relieved by

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of the plasmodial masses or giant cells they are much clearer, and

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student of medicine to Dr. Humphries, in Stanton, Va. History tells us

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