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heating one-half hour at 55°, it deteriorates very rapidly even on ice,


given on the side of the head which rendered him insensible for a few


particularly liable to do. These are in themselves so painful and dis-

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termination in the vein, in order to destroy all suspicion that these foreign sub-

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1906, lix, p. 351, by Fischler, Das Urobilin, Diss. Heidelberg, 1906, and by Lemaire,

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17. As the average of the former is more than doubled in the third quarter,

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in the half digested food when no aliment had been taken for some time before,

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ditions, the right being dilated to-day, the left to-morrow. The mere circum-

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author as the general expression of results derived from experience. It may

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plied with moderate firmness. Afier pa>sing some hours in a very quiet state, she

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almost absolute dissociation of this syndrome from all neuropathic

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absolutely normal livers. The remainder showed coccidiosis, and

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relationship between the amount in the bile and in the stools. An

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of distilled water. After gentle mixing of the dye and water the

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in seventeen cases, but in one of these, one of the first, a further

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in the other, after a lapse of tsvo days froni their commencement.

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and Kraus. 1 This occurred immediately after injection in the ten

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generally considered, are rendered obscure and contradictory, and his

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ration and bronchophony at the same parts; better marked under the clavi-

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lieve this is the case. But, "so essential is knowledge if not to virtue, at least to

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1. Tlie Northern Division presents the greatest variety of climate on the

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also quite constantly present in the brain and other organs and

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fol ows, just as it does when anemia of the brain is produced in

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into water, by which the saline matter is dissolved, and hydrogen in small

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only unites with a filament of the anterior root of the spinal nerves; others, on

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heaviness after eating, eructations of acid fluids and gas and sometimes

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tion of barley was orderec. lO be administered every day. On the 5th of May

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patients were told to consult the dentist merely, but I accompanied

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into the substance of the brain; in others, the quantity is trifling, being some-

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* Because aceto-acetic acid and acetone contain the =CO radical they are known

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the supposition that sudden diminutions of temperature, by arresting

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severing in bleeding, blisterinc:, and the use of mercury, when the disease is ame-

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Students are prone to be harsh critics; their "young hot blood

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this fever and plague, which we have before repeatedly noticed,

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been accustomed to see it in the more common variety of tetanus. Abdomen

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1906, lix, p. 351, by Fischler, Das Urobilin, Diss. Heidelberg, 1906, and by Lemaire,

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always appreciable, while in neuralgia (the author has it twuritis) pressure is

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acid output from February 27 to March 7, 1912 ranged from 0.32 gm. to

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