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site position to Mr. Gant, following or coinciding with Bum-
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and encroaching upon them. The staining of the tissue is irregular, being quite
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Sixthly. Under the operation of unknown atmospheric or telluric
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the Islands, except a portion of Luzon, of persons known to the health
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exhaustive description of the symptoms of gastromalacia has also been
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The ordinary mortality should not exceed ten or twelve
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that the morphia salts seemed rather more potent than the corresponding
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ther trouble, the tourniquet completely controlling the vessel,
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from pneumonia, are, perhaps, more liable to be attacked than the
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panies the malady, or by its complication with the pleuritic effusion,
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solidification or destruction of the lung or aggravation of the fever to
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the patient may be nourished through the stomach-tube, or by ene*
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the abscess. More rarely the acute parenchymatous inflammation oc-
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with the exudation, the effused liquid becomes yellow and opaque, like
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the descending colon shows a few healed amoebic ulcers. With the exception of
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the exudation is tolerably large (half a pound). At other times an un-
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it is bounded by a line drawn from the anterior end of the eleventh
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valvular disease of the heart Where digitalis fails, squills sometimes
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found in the perivascular tissues of the liver, where they apparently
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hypertrophied heart do not collapse when cut open, as they otherwise
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The Peojple of the State of New Yorlc, represented in
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•Novotny. Aktinomykose d. Zunge b. Pferde. Tieriirzt. Centralbl., (1897). 20,
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district on the Island, the greater part of the land being given over to
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is due to the action of a poisonous, miasmatic substance taken into the
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consequence of the disease than the cause of it, and the same holds good
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the interest of the crusade against tuberculosis. In addition to the prize
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phlebotomy. The following is the reason why the pulse often grows
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creased, even if the patient cough, give an emetic of sulphate of copper
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termination as constant or even as the most common mode of death.
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Special exciting causes render certain portions of the laryngeal
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we follow the old view, which considered the intercellular substance
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belonging to the pharynx, since they participate in almost all the dis-
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by Manson. — * Indian Army Medical Reports, ( 1884) . — * and Colebrook. Mi-
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