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57.6 per cent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis respond to the extent

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and had a general practice residency at St. Michael’s

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patient with the virus of erysipelas, and the same marked im-

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of cases, abundance of discharges unquestionably aggravates the

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legislation enacted that water, and a sink, with soil-pipes, should

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tirely disappeared after an operation for laceration of the

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grasping the baby under the armpit with the left hand a good hold

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that the admission that the other causes contribute to disease, is, in

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upon a glass slide with a particle of sodium chlorid, a drop of glacial

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In looking over the recent literature of the subject, the difference of

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think, will justify me in hastily j;oinj; over them.

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2. It is an ethical offence, in the first place, if the Prac-

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into fourteen parts. The introductory chapter is by the author, Dr.

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practical interest, such as may excite reflection, and

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ing the ribs, because these spicules of bone press upon

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syphilis in some one who has notched teeth. Half the

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sides this accumulation was induced. On the contrary, I have often

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work and there is no longer venous stagnation, with

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else imdergo an incomplete cheesy metamorphosis. The motft frequent

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beginning of the renal lesions, although the change is not enough to

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room in'jhe house be used, and even that the " best

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stomach. So far we have not considered this worth doing in

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My attention was particularly directed to the case of Mrs. (r , on

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antibodies of the host. This body also interferes with the metabolism of the

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The spots I have referred to are mementoes of the part which

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all this road had the two armies swept again and again. In vain I

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onset may be severe, a chill being followed with great febrile

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are not all asleep, A regular meeting has been held and

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mote the interests of health. If generally heeded, it would put

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toms, among the most characteristic of which are tremblings of the head,

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