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in 46 cases the point of primary invasion was difficult to locate. The lymph
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Sandham to detach the placenta, having a cheesy granulated appearance, and
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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , there
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the vessels. Witli this object in view, he puts them
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wards the right eye-ball turns slightly inward. The
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toms merely of general weakness, in which death suddenly occurred
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mated, and, under similar circumstances, Italy and Austro-Hungary
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Etiology.— Predisposing Influences, — The chronic shortness of breath
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mits of the Buet, Monte Rosa, and Mont Blanc, altitudes
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Av hat have justly, been thought essential to their Meaning, as Signs dia-
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of right. Came under treatment in May, 1877; has had no re-
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this recommendation, it does not give any power to the Execu-
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sometimes red, with enlargement of the sweat and sebaceous ducts. The
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the period varied from nine to sixteen hours. The symp-
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way of the preservation of this singular lusus naturse.
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that this book serves to attack personally, by name,
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ophers were divided into two parties, which engaged in
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gynaecological author wishes to describe diseases other than those of
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had three other children, all healthy. While pregnant
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with the disease. He did not think much attention had been paid
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other musical instruments, are not very uncommon. In all cases where
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couched in very general terms, was addressed to the individual members
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England, and from some notices we have read, we doubt not, it is
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matter. On the other hand, we find two of these orifices in process
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iodine, and alcohol, or eau de cologne with menthol. The solu-
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Of the nine cases in which crises did not occur, two ended
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stiffness of neck, frequent vomiting ; discs normal) there M^as slight recent
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and pies are not; if there is much exhaustion, a little cool
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the Committee on Publication without being \ tendance of two or three delegates, from the
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by Dr. I. E. Taylor. Thin sections loaned me by Dr. J. W.
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rapid and much more unavoidable than in other herniie. 7. The dependent
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tions of Gold. In large doses they are poisonous. They
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postgraduate work in North Carolina. The three medical schools have each
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pockets which are difficult of access; frequently the burrowing of
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and in some organic diseases of the spine, and these should Ik* exclu<ltMl.

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