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These are ringing in the ears, a sense of fullness, impaired hearing,

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cause a sudden cold, congestion or inflammation of the mucous lin-

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nearly 200 gm. albumin (with 32 gm. nitrogen) and about 135 gm.

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the north of Europe, in northern Eussia, Lapland, and the north of

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it soon reforms. The saliva becomes scanty and tenacious, appetite is

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strangury, and may be caused by a fly blister, a calculus or stone in

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liquids as mentioned above. Steam baths are not so well suited to

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exercise, and physical and mental fatigue follow slight exertion.

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wont to preponderate in individual cases that a classification upon such

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supply of fatty food. As an adjuvant may be recommended an occa-

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and Bouchard 45 per cent. It lias been remarked by some (Bou-

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gra in common use. Pliny mentions a morbus arthritis, under which

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These people, who have usually risen rapidly from the lower ranks

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tain muscles are developed out of proportion to others the oul}^ harm

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inhaled. A teaspoonful of the aromatic spirits of ammonia, diluted

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in one case vomiting may be almost the only symptom, in another hiccough.

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inflammation did not begin in the toe or in the metatarsal region.

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