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intellectual classes do nnt reproduce their numbers as they did

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brought enthusiastic report of the inhalation of ether in opera-

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progress of the disease became arrested ; collateral circulation was estab-

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[Is it not possible to make yet another statement, which will be

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combined saline extract of two ovaries of pregnant rabbits and one hypophyses were

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II. The limiting pH for the activity of pepsin on the alkaline side

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tuberculosis classification. Through further study,

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antine expressed in his eighth annual report to the Privy Council : that

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The following notice has been received from the General Secretary of the

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Par., 1898, xvii, 260-262.— Voorhies (A. H.) Eviscera-

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To determine the behavior of methylene blue on an organism bio-

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same place, and further, that it does not occur when the B.

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infallibly attested by the ear. But the ear must be a well-educated

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The total deaths (amounting to 175) included one death from

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An experiment with it was made upon a human stomach sent to the labora-

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4. The Importance of Early Surgical Removal of Immovable Stones in the

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sufficiently ample to permit the transit of the child, the sub-

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nasal cavities are affected, and as Farcy when the skin

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present system will be, it is to be hoped, by a more enlightened public

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be cupped at the back of tlie neck to Sviij. To have a turpentine injection. July lid.

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ment, including a faithful trial of dietary. The literature of the

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long become unused to frequent sights of blood, sparkled

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ed a oatarrh, and feeling that febrile lassitude which so frequently at-

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between the leaves of old books, originated in a similar way

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who have led sedentary lives should not suddenly take up athletics

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and it was not therefore a seriously disturbing factor.

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ulcer is demonstrated ; (2) those in which there is an irregular con-

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and other degenerative processes which, under similar circumstances, go

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owing to the long-standing pyloric obstruction and the

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complaint of pain, but consciousness was soon lost.

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Carcinogenesis. Mutagenesis. Impairment ol Fertility two-year oral

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